Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Soldiers of God - Wargame Rules

The battle plan and action card system looks interesting, will have to play a game or two to get a feel.
Important stuff – basing is up to you, author recommends 40mm or 50mm squares with 4 foot or 2 horse for 28's. (Rules support any scale).

Uses 6 sided dice – 6 is good, 1 is bad.

Armies have a morale value that can go up and down during the game; when it hits zero – game over. No figure removal until a unit routs.

4 scenarios (types of game) – Small battle (150 points – looks like about 100 figures a side), large battle (300 points), raid and siege.

Cards drive the turn, players draw cards and act on them alternately. Three cards are fixed as described by a battle plan chosen at the start of the game. Four more are used in addition each turn. Cards have a basic action (move, charge etc) and special events. You choose which to use on the four variable cards. Some sophistication around passing a card or trading a card.

Each side receives three battle plan cards. These are based on which one of the eight battle plans the commander chooses to use. For example if a commander chooses "double envelopment" as his strategy, his left and right battles will have a "Charge!" card placed face down behind them and a "March" card is placed face down behind the center battle (each army will have a left, center and right battle). Then each side also receives four randomly drawn action cards to use during their turn. So three of the seven action cards are directly determined by the commander's chosen battle plan. Each battle plan has an initiative rating associated with it, ranging from 0 to 3. On the first turn only, the side with the highest initiative value goes first and plays their first card (in case the initiative values are the same, it goes to the highest die roll). On subsequent turns, the initiative goes to the side with the highest army morale value. The army morale values will fluctuate during the game due to disordered units, routed units, units voluntarily leaving the table, scenario special rules, special events, etc. Each card has an action and a special event printed on it, so you have to state which you are activating when you lay it down on the table. The special event on one of the cards is "Choose a New Battle Plan". The two sides alternate playing their cards until they are finished with their turn (run out of cards).

Movement, shooting, Combat etc is straight forward.

Includes the usual army lists, nice pictures etc

Seige section looks interesting; as does the simple ladder campaign system.

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  1. great report thx
    my i ask a question
    can a unit move from one "battle" to another
    can a unit firer from one "battle" to another